How to Start a New Beverage Company

Starting a new beverage company is no small endeavor. If you’ve found this post then you are taking positive steps to learn as much about this exercise as possible, which is a great starting point! In previous posts, we’ve discussed the R&D process as well as brand positioning and formulation considerations such as organic vs. […]

Should My New Beverage Brand Be Organic Certified?

This is a question most brands will entertain if they are entering the natural beverage segment:  Should we get certified organic? As with most questions regarding ingredients, certifications, or positioning, the primary consideration is:  Is this something your core target consumer ranks highly in their decision-making criteria for beverage purchases?  The answer here may require […]

Rise of the Functional Beverage Category

It is expected that the functional beverage category within the beverage industry will reach $158B in global sales by 2023 (, 2021).  While it can be argued that coffee and tea are the OG functional beverage products, most consider the introduction of energy drinks in the US market (in the late 90’s) as the true […]

Path to Market: Beverage Development Options

Congratulations! You’ve made the big decision to launch a new-to-the-world beverage or expand the portfolio of an existing beverage product line. So, what are your next steps? Key milestones will include: Category and consumer research Concept development and refinement R&D Production Sales and Distribution Marketing (online, brick and mortar) DTC and Channel strategies and execution […]

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