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We create high-quality drinks with an emphasis on health, function and taste.
At the heart of our success lies a balanced combination of selected raw materials, corporate responsibility, innovative professional production and first-class quality control and logistics.

Our most valuable ingredient is Passion, which we put into the implementation of customized products together with our customers and partners that are sure to meet everyone’s taste buds.

What is a functional beverage ?

A functional beverage delivers health benefits beyond their nutritional value, positively affecting one or more target functions in the body or mind to achieve an improved state of health and well-being.

Functional drinks can support a healthy lifestyle and help to maintain certain body functions in the normal range, including energy, digestion, immune support, mental acuity, relaxation, among many others.

Functional drinks

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At Ocean Blue Innovation we create high quality beverages with an emphasis on health, function and taste. Premium ingredients and premium taste.
We are continually adapting our best practices to be healthier, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

Do you have an idea or recipe, but not sure how to scale it, we can help.

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