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Our product development experts and beverage formulators work with you to design and deliver new delicious, health-focused new drinks.

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The role of R&D (research & development) and innovation in the beverage industry is more critical now than ever before. Think about how your local grocers’ shelves have changed just in the past few years, with new beverage brands leading the way in important new trends:

Beverage Developement: Consumer Trends
Consumer Trends

Flavored water,
Fermented beverages,
Hard seltzers,
Premium hydration,
Non-dairy alternatives,
Powder applications,
RTD cocktails,
Non-alcohol alternatives,

Beverage Developement: Certifications

Fair Trade,

Beverage Developement: Functionality

mental focus,

Beverage Development Experts

We work with you to understand your beverage vision and guide you through the process of starting a new beverage brand.

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Our Quality Philosophy

Our attention to detail and understanding of beverage ingredients, beverage manufacturing, and consumer trends, are attributes valued by our customers. We are a trusted R&D partner to brands you know and trust, including Lemon Perfect, Koia, Voss, Poppi, Rebbl, Genius Juice, among others.

Food and Beverage Consulting


Our beverage scientists and lab technicians have produced award winning new products. They have a keen understanding of ingredients, flavor and functional trends, natural and organic applications, GRAS and supplement implications, and know how to maximize flavor and sensory appeal in any new drink application.

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Beverage Development Company


We begin with the end in mind. We first want to understand your goals and objectives, starting with the consumer target for your new product. We then discuss every element of your concept or product to gain alignment on your consumer value proposition, brand positioning, competitive advantage, retail price goals, packaging and processing options, and margin implications.

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Beverage Consulting Services


We understand you are not just creating a new drink, you are building a beverage business. Our goal is to make sure you are on the right path based on how you want to grow your business – that path may include prototypes to engage investors or focus group research, a small pilot batch run for regional test market, or a full scale production run.

Our Beverage Formulation Services

Our formulation Process

Whether you are looking to start a beverage company, work on your beverage menu development, or create a new beverage formulation, our streamlined formulation process gets you from concept in four steps:



Simply give us a call or submit an online form – we’ll start with a conversation about your project and your goals as a company. We’ll enter into an easy-to-understand agreement, then kick-off the project with a comprehensive Project Briefing with our cross-functional team. Most projects are completed within 45-120 days, depending on complexity or the number of SKUs within the scope of work. A timeline will be provided once the project is scoped in detail.



Your Project Briefing will bring everyone together on all aspects of the project, as well as identify areas where additional insights may be helpful to the process.Understanding consumer trends is important, understanding your core target consumer is essential. Who are they? Where do they shop? What are they currently purchasing? Gaining consumer insight informs the direction of development to an optimized finished product.



Our development team includes food scientists, design experts, and sales and marketing professionals. A cross functional team will be assigned to your project based on scope and needs, with a project manager leading the process and providing clear communication throughout. Timelines will be established with clarity on deliverables and milestones. This R&D stage concludes with a final formulation, supply chain, branding, and/or design based on your project needs. A project concludes with a transfer of all Intellectual Property created by Ocean Blue Innovation to you. We make sure you are clear on your next steps as a company, whether that may include full-scale production, investor presentations, buyer meetings, focus groups, or a regional test market.


Product Launch!

Once R&D is complete, we can continue to be a resource for your on-going business needs.Our goal is to ensure you have the best strategy to get your new brand onto store shelves in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible, without sacrificing product quality or integrity.

What people say about us

Marty and Niyati have been a pleasure to work with and are truly talented formulators

Mark Rampolla Founder, Zico Coconut Water Author, “High Hanging Fruit”

Marty and the formulation team provide best-in-class beverage development service and definitely go the extra mile to deliver winning formulations.

Bill Moses Beverage Entrepreneur Co-Founder, Kevita

Marty has been great to work with, the industry experience and follow through brought to the table are value-adds to our innovation efforts.

Director of Innovation, PepsiCo Director of Innovation, PepsiCo

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