Need Help With New Beverage Formulation?

Beverage Formulation

We can help with any type of beverage development!

Energy drinks, sports drinks, soft drinks, fruit juices, coffees, teas, protein drinks, Non-Alcohol Alternatives...

We have a strict high quality ingredient selection criterion, from fruit juices to dairy (and dairy alternative) drinks, Ocean Blue Innovation can help you create high quality beverages that deliver delicious nutrition that stays fresh more than long enough to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Leverage our expertise, experience and knowledge to develop, create and build your beverage from concept to finished product.

Understanding all aspects of your beverage project helps us to accurately develop and formulate a commercially viable recipe that will work in line with your overall business strategy.

Beverage Formulation

Our team of food scientists and lab technicians will immediately begin sourcing all raw materials necessary for your project.

Generally within 15 business days you will have first round bench samples available for review.

More complex projects may take an additional few days to procure necessary materials.

Once you receive samples and provide feedback, subsequent sample rounds are delivered within 5 business days.

Beverage Formulation Services

Supply Chain

Every successful product line must have a steady and reliable supply chain.

Our procurement staff will research your project’s specific needs for all raw materials and manufacturing requirements.

Food & Beverage Marketing and Supply Chain management

Sales and Marketing Strategy


As a new brand owner you will be inundated with different marketing opportunities.

It is critical to assess these opportunities and, based on your budget and brand strategy, develop a marketing campaign that succeeds in creating awareness and driving trial among your core target consumer set.

We can help craft the right strategy and tactics for your specific exercise.


There are many different sales paths to your end consumer.

We can create the right sales strategy based on the scale of your rollout, your brand strategy, and how consumers engage your brand.


It is important to understand how your cost-of-goods at start-up and at higher volume impact price and margin throughout the sales cycle:

from manufacturer, to distributor, to retailer.

We make sure development work does not begin until there is alignment on pricing strategy to the end consumer.


Once a brand name has been selected, our creative team can deliver on all of your design needs:

Logo creation, Slogan/tagline development, Label graphic design, Final printable file artwork, Regulatory review, Nutrition Fact panel, UPC placement and any additional sales or romance copy for side or back panels.

Beverage Formulation and Graphic design


We understand you are not just building a brand, you are building a business.

Can help guide your path to ensure there is clarity on cost of goods, expected margin, sales and marketing strategy, market testing or rollout plans, or investor engagement.

beverage label and packaging design

Other Services

No matter your next step as a company, Ocean Blue Innovation can help guide you there and provide tools to help you succeed at each step. These tools may include:

  • Investor presentation
  • Financial forecast
  • Product prototypes
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